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About Us

IFEM Foundation, a U.S. based not-for-profit organization, supports the work of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine in advancing education, collaboration, cooperation, and project development for emergency medicine, and emergency medicine systems development around the globe.

Some of the work includes: collaboration with the World Health Organization to promote global quality emergency care; development and distribution of training curricula, as well as conducting training courses and conferences; developing and promoting career resources for healthcare professionals; providing educational opportunities and financial support for practitioners in low income countries; and, maintaining unrestricted channels by which to promote quality emergency care in all regions of the world.

Board of Directors

William T. Durkin, Jr., MD MBA FAAEM - President

Dr. Durkin is a graduate of Georgetown University with a major in biology and a minor in theology. He is also a graduate of the medical school at Georgetown University. After completing a surgical internship at Georgetown University Medical Center, he returned to his native New England and did a residency at New England Deaconess Hospital in Boston, MA. He then went on to serve in the U.S. Navy. His operational assignment was as the shipboard medical officer and department head aboard the USS Sierra (AD-17). The ship was home ported in Charleston, SC, but deployed to the Indian Ocean during which time Dr. Durkin actually had the opportunity to travel around the world supporting the medical departments of smaller ships in several foreign ports. His next assignment was in the emergency department of the Naval Hospital, San Diego, where he was a member of the inaugural medical faculty that began the first EM residency in the Navy.

Upon leaving the Navy, Bill practiced in community hospitals in San Diego. He served as assistant medical director, phase III clinical trials investigator, co-founded AccuQual-Super Doc Systems, taught classes for the nursing and medical staffs, and was elected Chief of Service. He then moved to the Washington, DC, area where he was Director/ VP of Emergency Services at Southern Maryland Hospital. Dr. Durkin presently works for himself doing clinical and consulting work.

In 2008, Bill completed his MBA at the University of Tennessee and was elected to the Phi Alpha Phi Honor Society.

After meeting Jim Keaney and Scott Plantz, founders of the Academy, at a conference in San Diego, he became a founding member of AAEM. From 1998-2004 and again 2007-2008, Dr. Durkin served on the Board of Directors, as Secretary/Treasurer from 2004- 2006 and again from 2008-2010, Vice President from 2010-2012. He formed the USAAEM Chapter Division, was one of the original board members of CALAAEM, treasurer of CALAAEM; co-founded AAEM Services, wrote and/or sponsored many of the original policies of AAEM. In addition, he founded the Practice Management Committee, served on the Education Committee, Finance Committee, MEMC executive committee and is the AAEM executive director of the Pan Pacific Emergency Medicine Conference. He has also served on several of the state and interim committees. Bill has lectured at the Scientific Assembly, numerous residency programs, the Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Conference as well as the Pan- Pacific Emergency Medicine Conference.

Dr. Durkin has always advocated for the practicing community emergency physician. He has a strong interest in the business of emergency medicine and finance. Bill’s outside interests include sailing, biking, fine wine collecting, travel and investing.

Manuel Hernandez, MD, MBA, FACEP, CPE - Vice President
Gregory Luke Larkin, MD, MA, MS, MSPH, FACEP - Secretary

larkinGregory Luke Larkin, MD, MA, MS, MSPH, FACEP, is an emergency physician with a particular interest in injury prevention and control. Currently inaugural Lion Foundation Professor of Emergency Medicine at the University of Auckland, New Zealand, he has previously held positions the Yale University School of Medicine, University of Texas Southwestern and the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Larkin is trained in public health and research design, and is a well published researcher and author of more than 200 papers and book chapters. While he is a productive investigator in clinical emergency medicine, bioethics, mental health and trauma, he has committed significant time and energy to the issue of interpersonal violence prevention.

Dr. Larkin has conducted and published research about interpersonal violence, and been an invited speaker on the topic to many conferences. He has participated in a number of personal educational tours to the Middle East as a member of the Middle East Domestic Violence Mitigation Project, organized by Harvard University School of Medicine. These visits included work in Wye River, with the USAID West Bank/Gaza Peace thru Health Program, and in Jerusalem, Israel. Dr. Larkin has also conducted trials of screening programs in emergency departments for interpersonal violence, and his research work has explored the psychosocial, substance use and PTSD characteristics of abused women who present to emergency departments for treatment. Dr. Larkin’s interpersonal violence research has been published in peer reviewed papers and books including: Intimate Partner Violence: A Health Based Perspective (Oxford University Press, 2009).

Terrence M. Mulligan DO, MPH, FIFEM, FACEP, FAAEM, FACOEP, FNVSHA - Treasurer

tmulligan-sm-photoDr. Mulligan is a Clinical Professor in Emergency Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine, where he is the Director of the International Emergency Medicine (IEM) program and the IEM Fellowship.   He is also an Affiliate Faculty of the University of Maryland Institute for Global Health. From 2006-2010, Dr. Mulligan was living and working in The Netherlands directing two emergency departments and EM residencies at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, and at UMC Utrecht, two of the first EM programs in that country, and contributed heavily to EM development in Netherlands.  During that time, he completed graduate work in a Master of Science program in Health Economics, Policy and Law at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Netherlands.  Dr Mulligan is also an Extraordinary Senior Lecturer / Visiting Assistant Professor at Stellenbosch University in Cape Town, South Africa, a Visiting Professor at Hunan Provincial People’s Hospital, Hunan Normal University, in Changsha, China, and a Visiting Professor at Apollo GlenEagles Hospital in Kolkata, India.

He is a Board member of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine (AAEM), and a Board Member of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine (IFEM), acting as North American Regional Representative to IFEM, representing ACEP, AAEM, SAEM, ACOEP, CAEP and multiple other N. American EM Societies.  He has been active with IFEM since 2005.  He is also the founder and Vice-President of the International Federation for Emergency Medicine Foundation, and the founder and Chairman / CEO of the IFEM Institute. He is a co-founder and Board member of the African Federation for Emergency Medicine (AFEM), a Board member of the Global Academy for EM, and a Board member for the American Academy of EM for India (AAEMI).  He is the past-chair of the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) Section for International Emergency Medicine, the Chair of the American Academy of EM (AAEM) Committee for International Medicine, a member of the SAEM Global EM Academy and the SAEM International Outreach Taskforce, and the co-founder of the International EM Fellowship Consortium.  He is an Associate Editor and co-founder of the peer-reviewed journal, The African Journal of Emergency Medicine, and is an executive editor of Emergency Physicians International magazine. He is a co-author of the IFEM Model Curriculum for Medical Student Education in EM, a co-author of the IFEM Model Curriculum for EM Specialists, and is the main author of the IFEM Model Curriculum for CME/CPD.

Over the last fifteen years, Dr. Mulligan has initiated and participated in emergency medicine and acute care system development programs in over forty countries.  He has established and assisted in establishing residencies in Emergency Medicine, national and international EM societies, Fellowships in EM and EM subspecialties, schools for emergency nursing, training schools for paramedics, relief agencies for underserved areas, disaster medicine and disaster preparation, hospital disaster preparedness and hospital trauma system development all around the world. He has delivered over 400 lectures, symposia and educational programs nationally and internationally for over twenty local, national and international EM organizations.

Robert Corder, MD, FACEP, FCEMSA

Robert Corder, MD, FACEP, FCEMSA, graduated from the University of Maryland School of Medicine and completed his training in Emergency Medicine in 1996.  His medical practice evolved with a special interest in development of international emergency medical care, systems and training.  His efforts have resulted in leadership positions in Botswana and the United Arab Emirates.  He served as Chairman of Departments of Emergency Medicine in each country.  His tasks included working with University, Ministry of Health and private entities to create Emergency Medicine Societies and formal training programs, establish clinical care standards and benchmarks, implement evidence based systems and process improvements, assist with supply chain/IT strategies and foster collaborative partnerships throughout to ensure sustainability of programs.  He has served as the appointed Lead Ambassador for the American College of Emergency Physicians to Botswana, South Africa and the United Arab Emirates.  He is a founding member of the African Federation of Emergency Medicine and Emirates Society of Emergency Medicine.  He served on both Executive Committees.